The Prophetic and Teaching Ministry of Corinne Silverman

I'm God's favorite Daughter!
You are too!  I would love to tell you more...

My meetings are prophetic in nature.  In them you will:

  • Experience inner healing from deep, past wounds
  • Understand why Christ died for you and established New Covenant Grace for you
  • Understand and experience the Father's true heart of love for you
  • Realize your Kingdom value...why you were born
  • Experience the power and love of God that will set you free from addictions, poverty and past strongholds
  • Sense a very strong anointing and a great real-time presence of the Holy Spirit
Here's how to donate to Corinne's ministry:

We are currently having difficulties with PayPal.  For any donations, please mail checks to: New Covenant Grace Fellowship, PO Box 542, Hernando, FL 34441

Visit our Meetings at New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Citrus County, Florida!

Contact me for meetings or a Woman's Conference with your church or group

Mailing address:  5420 Beckley Rd. #330, Battle Creek, MI 49015

My email:

My Cell phone: 616.706.1106

... for more information please contact me.

What Others Say:
"I recommend without reservation the prophetic ministry of Corinne Silvermen. She is one of two people I trust hears from the Lord with the highest clarity and accuracy. Just as important, Corinne shows great wisdom and discernment in how she gives these words.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions." 

Pastor David Alderman, Plainwell Assembly of God

November 17, 2008...

"I just wanted to say that our weekend with Corinne Silverman was powerful.  We had an awesome time together.   Saturday night Corinne ministered to us concerning seeking first the Kingdom. I really enjoy the powerful anointing on this woman of God's life.  She shares from the Word as well as from her personal life.  Her messages always touch the heart of the people.  Then she ministered prophetically to everyone in the house (including children).  Tears were flowing as Holy Spirit spoke to our inner most being.  I loved the word she gave to me.  I was very encouraged."

Pastor Tina Baker
International House of Fire
Cleveland, TN

"My Husband Larry and I have dedicated our lives to serve the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in America.  Our heart is to see true transforming Kingdom Revival spread throughout the Nation, thus releasing a dynamic New Testament Church!  My heart is to serve you in helping you fulfill your vision within your church and Region"

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